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FeatureCAM Premium

Includes all of Standard plus additional products:

FeatureMILL 3D - FeatureMILL3D offers a wide range of strategies for both conventional and high-speed 3D milling.
Maximises metal removal rates, helping you make parts faster Maintains constant cutter load, increasing tool life.
Minimises sudden changes in cutting direction, preventing tool breakage and part damage.
Produces parts with excellent surface finish quality, eliminating hand finishing.

Tombstone - Tombstone machining in FeatureCAM enables easy programming of production milling.
Supports both horizontal and vertical machine.
Manages the placement of the parts on the tombstone.
Helps you determine the milling coordinate systems.
Sequences the operations so that tool changes are minimised.
Simulates the NC code while displaying the tombstone, parts, tool, tool holder and spindle.
Detects any gouges during simulation for safe machining.
Allows maximum machine uptime for lean manufacturing techniques.

FeatureMILL 5 Axis Positioning - often referred to as 3+2, is available to allow programming of all 5 faces of a component. FeatureCAM's output supports Heidenhain SPATIAL PLANE and CYCL DEF 19, Siemens CYCLE 800, Fanuc / Hurco / Matsuura / Mazak G68.2 and Matsuura G54.2. We can output Euler angles and also Roll, Pitch and Yaw.
When used with Machine Simulation, allows full simulation of all machine moving parts for collision checking.

5 Axis Positioning supports various 5 Axis configurations:
A/B – Head/Head
A/C – Trunion Table/Table
B/C – Head/Table
B/C – Table/Table etc.

IndieCAM have working post processors and machine models for Brother, Bridgeport, Dahlih, Doosan, DMG, Fanuc, Haas, Hardinge, Hurco, Mazak, Matsuura, Mori Seiki, Okuma, Quaser, XYZ, YCM and many more.

FeatureTURN/MILL - enables both turning and milling features to be created on a single machine in one set-up.
Supports machines with C and Y milling capabilities and sub-spindles, letting you machine more complex parts.
Easily programs drilling or milling features on the face or outside diameter of a part with the FeatureTURN/MILL feature wizard, so you get parts onto your machine tool faster.
Contains all of the milling features in FeatureMILL2.5D, including holes, slots, pockets, grooves, sides and patterns, for increased flexibility.

Machine Simulation - FeatureCAM provides complete simulation of the machine tool environment to identify collisions between the machine components, spindle, holder, tooling and part stock in order to avoid costly mistakes. In addition to machine simulation, FeatureCAM also offers centerline, 2D, 3D and RapidCut simulation modes.
Faster programming turnaround because you can simulate cutting motion ahead of time.
Avoid production delays because of a machine that’s down.
Avoid costly repairs to a crashed spindle.
Avoid cost overruns from scrapped workpieces.
General peace of mind.
Specific capabilities:
Simulate complex machine tools and toolpaths for smoother machine tool movements.
Warnings for holder collisions and gouge detection ensure no costly mistakes occur during the manufacturing process.
Realistic graphics show metallic part rendering and may be rotated during the simulation.
Import or build machine models with FeatureCAM’s Solid Modelling module or your own solid modeller, including jigs, fixtures and machine specific features.
Load toolpaths into different machine models to ensure you use the most appropriate machine to produce the part.
Support for multiple cores enables you to simulate your manufacturing process faster than ever.
Cursor arrow keys allow you to step through the simulation at your own pace.
Part compare allows for quality control prior to machining, preventing scrap and the need for reprogramming.
Start a 3D simulation at any stage of the machining process.

Solid Modelling - This module allows you to create parts in either solids or surfaces and define clamps and fixtures for simulation purposes. Solids simplify advanced modeling and provide exceptional filleting, blending, and sweeping. Advanced tools include core/cavity separation and the creation of parting surfaces.

CAD Importation Modules - Importing
With FeatureRECOGNITION, you can directly import 3D surface files (.igs, .dxf), 3D solid files (Acis .sat, Parasolid .x_t), native SolidWorks (.sldprt) files, SolidWorks Assemblies (.sldasm), native Autodesk Inventor (.ipt, .iam) files and Native SolidEdge (.par, .psm, .asm) files. With the Direct CAD Model Transfer add-in, you can transfer SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor models directly into FeatureCAM with a single click.
In addition to these FeatureCAM Premuim offers the abilty to import native CAD files from:
Step (.step, .stp)
Catia (.mod, .model)
Pro/E (.prt, .asm)
Catia V5 (.catpart, .catproduct)
UniGraphics (.prt)
and others

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