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FeatureCAM Ultimate

Includes all of Premium plus additional products:

FeatureMILL 5 Axis Simultaneous - FeatureCAM supports simultaneous machining, including, trimming and swarf machining.
Produces complex parts with fewer set-ups, saving time and reducing errors.
Increases accuracy by machining parts with shorter, more rigid, tools.
Controls the tool axis, allowing machining of areas that cannot be machined with 3-axis strategies.
Converts 3-axis toolpaths to their 5-axis equivalents automatically, preventing collisions between holder and part.

FeatureTURN/MILL - enables both turning and milling features to be created on a single machine in one set-up.
Supports machines with C and Y milling capabilities and sub-spindles, letting you machine more complex parts.
Easily programs drilling or milling features on the face or outside diameter of a part with the FeatureTURN/MILL feature wizard, so you get parts onto your machine tool faster.
Contains all of the milling features in FeatureMILL2.5D, including holes, slots, pockets, grooves, sides and patterns, for increased flexibility.
Advanced Turn/Mill / Multi Turret
FeatureTURN/MILL’s Multi-Turret Turning technology controls turn/mill machines with multiple turrets, speeding production through true multi-tasking processes.
Synchronise and optimise your turn/mill operations between multiple turrets through an easy-to-use ‘drag and drop’ graphical interface on a time or operation-basis.
Sub-spindle and multiple spindle part transfer is available in FeatureCAM through defined feature operations.
Simultaneous B-axis turning in FeatureCAM enables you to create multiple machining orientations in a single set-up and quickly program complex machining operations.
Switch between C-axis milling and Y-axis milling to help improve the surface finish of milled parts with the tick of a box.

Probing - FeatureCAM CNC Touch-Trigger Probing is an optional module providing an in-process verification solution for automated ‘lights out’ machining of feature-rich parts, with support for multiple probing feature types.
Reduce wastage by checking for the presence of correct part or fixture.
Optimise toolpaths for the exact amount of material being machined.
Save time by minimising unnecessary re-cutting operations.
Maximise machine usage by aborting cutting when required.
Support for probing multiple feature types.

Sliding Head / Swiss - FeatureCAM now supports Swiss-Type lathes; turning centres designed for the production of small, precision components.
To create a Swiss project, a new document type is available with a range of Swiss functions, drag and drop synchronisation, full machine and sliding headstock simulation and more.
Automatic tool mapping to slots is also available, where tools are assigned to slots that can only accept that type of tool.

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